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Complete Recovery Series


Aggregate recovery with gray water rebatching technology

Ready Mix Concrete Reclaimer

1 | Returned ready-mix is poured directly into the intake hopper. Sand and stone are swept into the diagonal screw conveyor while residual water is kept in suspension in the agitation tank.

2 | Clean sand and stone are transported above residual water level where it is given a final rinse and stock-piled for reuse. (Separation can be performed with optional screen deck.)

3 | Gray water processing:

  • Gray water may be pumped back to the batch plant for reuse through either the weigh batch system or a metering system

4 | Your plant’s process water and storm water can also be introduced automatically into your Enviro-Port® System for reuse in batching. The Enviro-Port®, System can utilize this water instead of creating more.

Enviro-Port® Means Positive Solutions

  • Maintain a clean plant and a clean environment.
  • Recycle aggregates and residual water.
  • We can design a system that will meet your specific needs.
  • Our systems are easy to install, easy to operation, and easy to maintain.
  • Our material-on-material design eliminates wear on the
    tank floor and auger housing.
  • Cycle modes are automatic.
  • There is minimum fresh water usage.
  • Our systems can handle fiber.
  • All component parts are of high quality.
  • Above-ground construction makes our systems easy to transport and relocate.
  • Pre-wired options.