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  • Batch Plant Priority Pump Option: To pump residual water to batch plant. Pneumatic actuated valve with instant on/off control;  Pre-plumbed to the ENVIRO-PORT® System.
  • ENVIRO-PORT® Density Meter & Temp probe system. Preinstalled, monitoring and displaying tank water density and temperature.
  • Density Signal Interface System. Transmits proper density signal to customers batch computer, includes remote HMI for batch room display. (Price *does not* include customer batch computer programming or software to blend make up water automatically)
  • Enviro-Port Heat/Cool Transfer Piping System. Operates in conjunction with customer’s water chiller and/or hot water system.
  • 4-20 ma Ultrasonic Non-Contact Level Controller that provides pump control and automatically introduces outside water to the ENVIRO-PORT®System.
  • Automatic Phone Dialer System. Will call up to three numbers in the event of a motor failure or power outage, with battery back-up.
  • 1-4 Truck Discharge Hood: Discharge hoods for all fleet sizes, increase driver washout times by increasing the number of trucks that can washout simultaneously.
  • ENVIRO-PORT® 48″ x 96″ Single Deck Vibrating Screen.  Separates sand and stone into two bunkers, C – Channel Extension Frame, allowing up to a 13’ wide bunker.